Survival Shovel

Survival Shovel – A Special Tool That Will Keep You Alive


survival shovel

survival shovel

As far as surviving is concerned, the survival shovel is a tool that is second to none. With it, you can stake out a temporary shelter, clear out the trail and do many other things that will keep you alive. This is the reason why survival shovel from doomsday preppers is a very popular item nowadays. The condition that our world is in right now is not very encouraging and you cannot blame people for thinking more and more about survival tools to keep them alive if something drastic happens.


What is Special about a Survival Shovel?

Perhaps you are thinking that there is no difference between an ordinary shovel and a survival shovel. Yes, you are right. There are a lot of similarities between the two. Their shapes are the same, and their basic functions are also the same. But there are marked difference which makes the survival shovel what it is.


You might think that an ordinary shovel can also be used as an ordinary shovel; again, you are partly right. But here you will see the difference. Most ordinary shovels are just made of ordinary steel gauge which can easily get rusted even if you take care of them properly. In time, corrosion will eat most of the metal parts of the shovel and its usefulness will be dramatically reduced.


Advantages of the Survival Shovel

In a real survival shovel, the steel material is stronger and longer lasting. If you will read a survival shovel review, these shovels such as the ones made by Crovel and Cold Steel are very durable and can stand the test of time. The Crovel Extreme and the Cold Steel Survival Shovel are among the most popular brands of survival shovels today because of their durability and strength.


Another plus for a survival shovel is its fold-ability. Since it is going to be used for survival purposes, most of these shovels are foldable. That means you can fold them up so that you will have no trouble of carrying it. For this reason, it does not require a big storage space as well.


Survival Shovels are Not Just for Digging

You might have the impression that a survival shovel is only good for digging and similar tasks. In reality, many users of survival shovels have used it for other purposes. One of them is for hacking wood. You see, the edges of a survival shovel are very sharp. You can use this shovel to cut down a tree or chop wood for making a fire. In fact, there are outdoorsmen who used it for hacking a tree and chopping wood and found that its edges are still as sharp as before.


And mind you, some people have even used this survival gear for hand-to-hand combat. These survival shovels are sometimes issued to soldiers who need them for their special missions. Although this is an extreme case, you can just imagine the kind of help a survival shovel can give you if you are in a survival situation out there in the wilds.