Les Stroud Survival Kit

Surviving the Wild with Les Stroud Survival Kit

The wilderness could be a tough enemy when one is left alone for a number of days, but chances of survival are high with the Les Stroud Survival Kit, a survival kit invented by Survivorman himself Les Stroud which would contain a number of seemingly ordinary items that you yourself could put together. This kit could define the difference between survival and defeat in a fight against nature.

A Risky Reality Show

Les Stroud is the host of a television program in Canada titled “Survivorman,” which of course refers to Les Stroud himself, showing how he survives 7 days in the wild with little or no water, food, and equipment: the Survivorman survival kit that would include “everyday items” that could be used specifically for the Survivorman episode being taped. For example, in a survival kit video prepared by Les Stroud, he discussed survival kit tips. The following items were presented or included in his Les Stroud survival kit, basically to be found in a strong plastic container: a full week’s supply of fresh water, radio for contact for the outside (preferably those that could be wound up for power), flashlight (preferably those that do not need batteries but instead uses motions such as shaking to be recharged), some matches, some rope (which he considers as always useful), a cutting tool or multitool, and a first-aid kit. In the Web sites of Science Channel and Discovery Channel Les Stroud’s survival tips are available to be watched, as episodes were aired internationally in these channels.

Knives for Survivors

Aside from the Les Stroud survival kit featured in Survivorman, he also uses or endorses a specific kind of knife known as the “Les Stroud survival knife.” These series of knives have specialized features for survival such as having an integrated LED flashlight and whistle, a fire starter, an SOS signal mirror, a trail map mesh pocket, a storage compartment, and an integrated ceramic sharpener. With a specialized knife like this and a Les Stroud survival kit, chances of survival in the wilderness would greatly increase.

Other Survival Kits

The Les Stroud survival kit, especially the Les Stroud knife, is usually compared with other survival products such as the Bear Grylls survival kit, which is also a kit designed to help one survive the wild, endorsed by “Man Vs Wild” host Bear Grylls. This kit also includes tools such as needle nose pliers, wire cutters, fine edge knife, small flat drivers, lanyard ring, bottle opener, miniature light, signaling mirror, and others.

Les Stroud has proven himself a Survivorman numerous times through his survival in many of his adventures in the wild. In fact, his wife had joined him in his adventures in the wild. For example, they spent one year in the Canadian wilderness in 1994. However, the Les Stroud divorce happened in 2008.

Through Les Stroud’s brave endeavors to live in the wild, we’ve learned that we can actually conquer nature with strategy, and some handy tools like the Les Stroud survival kit.