Homemade Survival Gear

A Homemade Survival Gear that Will Surely Get You Out of Trouble

homemade survival gear

homemade survival gear

Before embarking on an adventure in the wilderness, one may need to prepare and bring his or her own homemade survival gear, because the days of fun may become weeks of disaster without the proper survival gear that will help a camper get out alive from the wilderness.

Surviving and Bragging About it

It is always cool to have an adventure in the wild, take pictures, document experiences, and share them to the world for everyone to see that you made it, you conquered nature. However, you can never do this without the proper equipment in your bag. It would always be an extra point to brag about when everything you have used in your adventure is do-it-yourself or DIY survival gear, and such a homemade survival gear should include homemade survival food, homemade tents, and homemade survival weapons such as a homemade survival knife that would complete your homemade camping gear.

Making Your Own Survival Food

Your homemade survival gear is useless when you do not have the energy to use them when an emergency situation occurs while in the wild. Food is one of the most essential things to have every day, and especially in days that you would have to expend an extra amount of energy. To make sure that you have the energy it takes to take over the wild, you should make and bring your own survival food. For example, you can create your own emergency energy bars to include in your homemade survival gear by mixing through a meat grinder 2 lbs. of pitted dates, 2 lbs. of figs, 2 lbs, of raisins, 2 cups of cashew pieces, and 2 cups of sesame seed. After grinding, mix well 2 cups of peanut butter, then roll the mixture into ½-inch-thick sheets; cut them into bars and wrap them well. This measure can make 60 pieces of 2-ounce bars that could last for a few days in the wild and are easy to carry and use for energy refuel.

Other Items that Your Homemade Survival Gear Should Include

What is inside your homemade survival gear could depend on your specific needs such as having specific medical conditions, your physical fitness level, and your preferences. It is important to have your own survival gear even if you are travelling in groups just in case you get lost and alone in the wilderness. What is important is to keep it light and easy to carry.

Aside from emergency food and water, your homemade outdoor gear should also include first aid supplies in case of animal attacks, injuries, or infections and diseases that might be acquired; tents for shelter; battery-powered tools such as flashlights; survival knives and additional items such as matches and a compass.

Preparing your DIY tactical gear requires knowledge both of yourself, that is, what you personally need, and the adventure that you are about to undertake, that is, the place you will go to and particular situations you might face. Whatever the challenges are, it is best to keep a homemade survival gear that will bring about your success and survival and give you the bragging rights to say “I survived.”