Buck Survival Knife

The Buck Survival Knife Lives On Even After A Century

buck survival knife

buck survival knife


Every survival kit just has to have a buck survival knife because of its versatility in several kinds of environments. Where you are and what you need to determine what kind of knife is most suitable for your particular location and circumstance. The best buck hunting knives are used almost exclusively for woodcutting or trapping and skinning small prey. When used in these conditions, a good knife can give you logs for a campfire or ingredients for a meal.


The choice of a knife is relative. One kind that works for an individual may not function as effectively for the next, even if both types of knives fall under the category of a buck survival knife. Military, police and security personnel, for instance, are trained in the use of buck tactical knives for defensive and protection purposes, while a gadget that has been proven impervious to oils and is slip-resistant like the buckmaster knife is preferred by game hunters, butchers and longshoremen who do boning of animals and fish.


Unique One-Hand Folding Feature


Then again, there are knives designed specifically to cut rope, twine and corrugated boxes like a buck 184 knife. Dependable and durable, the fixed blades of these types of knives can come in thick sizes or lightweight in textures. Most of them have edges built like saws to cut through deeply and are easy to sharpen. Don’t let the word “survival” mislead you because a buck survival knife can be handy in activities like hunting, fishing, backpacking, hiking and mountaineering. Notice that such activities are all of the outdoor category.


Some designs of these knives have blade holes and thumb studs for convenient use by one hand, while others have the same one-hand opening and closing feature. Whatever buck 184 survival knife you prefer, the material is the same: steel blades that are remarkable for their strength, resistance to rust and other corrosive elements, ease in sharpening and edge retention with solidly-constructed handles that don’t slip when they are gripped.


The 4th and 5th Generations of Bucks


Ownership of a buck survival knife buckmaster gadget is having a product that stretches over a century of fine craftsmanship. In fact, each buck survival knife has an unconditional lifetime guarantee to prove just that. Created by Hoyt Buck, a blacksmith’s apprentice, in 1902, the “folding hunting knife” was the buck survival knife prototype of what is now known as the folding lockback knife. The 4th and 5th generations of the Buck family now manufacture different knife products including the buck survival knife 184 buckmaster and continue the tradition of turning out only top grade quality knives.


When buying a survival knife, consider the purpose for which it has been particularly designed. Consider the kind of materials used, like heat treated blades (that should not be wobbly when opened, in the case of folding knives), secure locks if they are the lockback varieties, the capacity for resharpening and whether or not all the parts work seamlessly and smoothly together.


Lifetime Warranty without Conditions


You can find quality knives online as well as in stores. Take the time to examine the knife’s features and scrutinize how it works. Good knives are well engineered and are usually crafted using state-of-the art technology. If the cost proves higher than you expected, don’t lose heart because you can always get quality when a buck hunting knives sale is on.

And while you’re shopping for your knife, do ask them if they customize, and if they do, you’re all the better for it. A buck survival knife may be priced slightly higher than other knives with similar uses, but its lifetime warranty, without conditions, is more than what you actually pay for.